010The prospect of building your dream home is exhilarating, but for many people knowing where to start can seem a daunting task.  At RCI, we have made every effort to alleviate this burden by implementing processes that are as simplified and streamlined as possible.  We welcome all inquiries and engage in open discussions to help you gain a clear understanding of what is involved in order for you to determine the best course of action that will support your unique needs.  Our commitment to evaluating projects on a case-by-case basis allows us to offer customized solutions that will fit your exact requirements.

Comprehensive budget spreadsheets of progress billing throughout the project period are provided as well as value analysis during the detailing and construction process.  We also conduct critical path analysis in order to facilitate meeting goals and deadlines based on client expectations.  A close working relationship with the clients architects, designers and consultants is a must for us.

Each client is provided with a complete project management schedule containing:

Conceptual analysis and feasibility studies
Site evaluation and planning
Value engineering
Estimating, budgeting, cost control
Construction management