Since 1999, Rattigan Construction has had a hand in manifesting concepts and designs into prime real estate across Malibu, Hollywood and up the California coast. Specializing in luxury, high-end homes, this family-owned business has garnered itself a solid reputation built on integrity and reliability by executing elaborate designs while balancing functionality to best meet the client’s needs. Identified as a boutique company, Rattigan Construction makes it a point to focus solely on a handful of projects at one time in order to offer accessible assistance and in-depth involvement throughout the entire building process. Owner Gordon Rattigan prides himself on providing the client a direct line of communication, as well as being present on the field throughout the development of the property, in an effort to give the homeowner the most beneficial and informative experience while bringing their dream home to life. Understanding that the construction process may seem like a daunting task or a burden, Rattigan attempts to alleviate the event by operating on a “no surprises” policy. This policy is grounded in maintaining trustworthy and transparent feedback for the client, which includes identifying the practical nature of the environment, as well as educating the homeowner on impacts to schedule and budget, to ensure a seamless and overall enjoyable experience for everyone incorporated in the development of the home. Each client will receive a complete project management schedule containing: conceptual analysis and feasibility studies, site evaluation and planning, value engineering, estimating, budgeting, cost control and construction management.