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A Michael Keaton Production


The actor-director remakes his Los Angeles house by raising ceilings, adding porches and realigning rooms to connect with freshly re-landscaped grounds.  For actor Michael Keaton, renovating a house isn’t much different than making a movie. “They’re both productions,” he explains. “You have to coordinate everyone, there are defined roles and everybody has to know the ­central idea.” As Keaton has led both types of productions, he’s speaking from ­experience. Known for roles from Batman to Beetlejuice, the charismatic actor just made his directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival with The Merry Gentleman, in which he also stars. And when he decided to renovate his Los Angeles house, he ­assembled a talented crew that included designer Audrey Alberts, architect Gus Duffy and contractor Gordon Rattigan to help achieve the idea he had in mind.