Gordon Rattigan

Growing up in a full house in Ireland, Gordon Rattigan found that the best way to express his rambunctious spirit as a young boy was through art. Coming from a family of builders, it only seemed natural that what initially began as an admiration for painting and drawing would ultimately transform into the hands-on skill of craftsmanship. After completing high school, Rattigan traveled back to London where he served as an apprentice to a carpenter for three years. With his newly heightened skillset in tow, Rattigan moved to Paris to work on the construction of Disneyland for a year, before finally heading to Los Angeles in 1992, where his love of art and expertise in building joined forces to create sets for the studios. For six years, Rattigan worked in beautiful homes alongside very talented designers, but there came a point when he decided to pursue a different path. “After six years, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. It was very hard to see your work destroyed after the movie or commercial was complete. I wanted to be able to show my kids and grandkids my work.” For that reason, Rattigan went back to his carpentry roots and began constructing cabinets. It was then that he was introduced to an LA architect who referred him to a client that would ultimately open the gates to the greatest chapter of Rattigan’s professional career. Taking on another carpentry job for a French couple in Bel Air, a simple project turned into something much grander after the client decided to have Rattigan spearhead numerous other additions to their home. Soon afterward, Rattigan made the leap from carpentry to creating his own full-service construction company, which has become wildly successful in part due to his firm belief in leading business with integrity. Combining his standup relationships with clients, owner reps and architects along with his creative passion and knowledge with construction, Rattigan has been able to complete roughly 50 luxury estates across California, including the homes of high-profile names like Michael Keaton, Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry. Celebrity clientele aside, Rattigan credits his success to the constant and unconditional support of his family during the challenging chapters of becoming an entrepreneur, “Even at my lowest point, their loyalty and love remained.”