About Us

We specialize in building luxury custom homes that complement your lifestyle.  The evolution of RCI began with restoration of homes which over the years expanded to new construction, estate development and building contemporary green sustainable homes.  With a solid reputation built on integrity, service and reliability, we cater to homeowners and investors who have particularly high expectations and seek top quality craftsmanship.  As a family owned business we are also committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.

Exceeding your expectations is our ultimate goal.  We pride ourselves on the special care we afford to each and every one of our clients.  Our conscious effort to avoid unnecessary complications stemming from red tape means that the principal owner of the business is often the person who oversees the management of your project.  And no one feels as strongly about a company and its work product as its owner.  Know that your project will be in the hands of an expert who realizes and appreciates its value and significance to you.  Our careful selection of potential projects allows our principal to adopt a truly hands on approach with our clients, which in turn facilitates a deeper understanding of their requirements, faster decision-making and more efficient and seamless execution in the field.